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With midterms a memory, Dems, Republicans eye 2020

Rhett Acosta, Staff Writer

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The months leading up the 2018 midterms were full of democratic hype and the promise of a blue wave, but did the Democrats really turn out in big numbers as they had hoped?  The Dems took the house, but they couldn’t get the Senate. Not only did they lose the Senate but the number of Democrats actually went down.

The Democrats picked up 30 extra seats in the house, bringing up the number to 225. The Trump Administration finally has a check on its power. Congress has been entirely Republican since 2010. Democrats have failed to find the footing and the foundation they needed to win, until The Trump Administration. Trump gave the Democrats something to run on. In a way, Trump helped the Democrats. Trump kept saying that the Republicans had to get out to vote,  even though he wasn’t on the ballot, all the races came back to him, and the democrats ran on that as well. A vote for democrats is a vote saying no to Trump.

However, there is evidence of voter suppression throughout the nation. In North Dakota, Native Americans were told that the IDs they have used in years past to vote, the tribal IDs, would not work.

In Georgia the NAACP say that Brain Kemp, the man running for Governor took part in, “Textbook voter suppression.” His opponent, Stacey Abrams, says that there are thousands of absentee ballots have not been counted.

Kemp refused to resign as Secretary of State in Georgia, even though he would be the one overseeing the election in the state. After the midterms he declared victory and resigned as Secretary of State, even though the race has not yet been called.  

This election is old news to most political strategists. All eyes are on 2020. There are a few well known names are eyeing a run for president. Michael Bloomberg of New York has been talking about running. Kamala Harris has been traveling the country, supporting other members of Congress, building a foundation. Beto O’rourke, the man who ran against Ted Cruz in Texas, is suspect for a bid. Elizabeth Warren has also been building a network of politicians to support her. Joe Biden has been the leading name among democrats so far. One could expect to hear announcements for presidency in early 2019.

Trump will more than likely run for a second term, and the democrats must look at the mistakes of 2016 and build a better nation foundation. No state is guaranteed, anything could happen, but most importantly, run to win for the nation, not just to beat Trump. Clinton ran on an opposition to Trump, but Trump ran on bettering the nation. You can’t just run defeating the other party.

It will take Democrats years to undo the damage done by the current administration. From climate change and Paris Climate Accord, rolling back regulations in the U.S., the Iran Nuclear Deal, the damaged ties with our allies, and relaxed stance on Russia, all of which cannot be fixed overnight. Most importantly, the nation is divided, and the current president has done nothing to help unify. In order to move on and grow stronger, we must come together and see what is best for the nation and the world, something the president refuses to do.

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With midterms a memory, Dems, Republicans eye 2020