Black Friday a trial by fire

Two weeks ago was one of the most hectic shopping days of the year, Black Friday. Many students probably had to work the dreaded Black Friday Shift. Like Matthew Maduli, a senior at Lincoln High, color guard participant, and GSA president, worked both the Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving evening and the actual Black Friday Sale, this was his first time ever working the insane shift.

Being a full time student, actively working, and participating in so many activities during school shows great determination and time management.

Matthew originally was job hunting mid spring for a summer job. He found himself applying online for American Eagle Outfitter in Stockton’s Weberstown Mall. He found the job when he did a web search for “open job positions in Stockton”.

Matthew said that he was “terrified because usually [he works] the fitting rooms, which always get hectic at any high capacity”. Luckily, his manager placed him at a register and made sure the store was well staffed. Let’s just say it was less terrifying than the fitting rooms.

As soon as the doors had opened, people began to flood into the store in search of the steals. The amount of people who entered the store was crazy. Each person Maduli rang up was buying an abundance of clothes, since the sales were just so great.

Though this experience could be traumatizing, Matthew had a lot of fun with all his co workers during these eventful shifts. 

“Going in I was terrified because usually I work the fitting rooms which always get hectic at any high capacity,” Maduli said. However my manager placed me as a cashier who rung up only debit/credit cards so that was a lot easier.”

Within 2 seconds of opening the doors, people began to pile into the store. “The amount of people were insane, and each person I rung up always purchased a bunch of clothes, considering the sale we had. Thankfully we were well staffed with seasonal associates that were a great help.”

Photo courtesy: Matthew Maduli
Matthew takes a break to smile during Black Friday sales at American Eagle Outfitter in Weberstown Mall in Stockton.