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Our View: A chance to give back

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A sign displaying how many donations were received as of December 12 has been placed outside of the Student Activities Office.

Gabriel Porras
As the walls of flames raced down the Butte County hills, victims of the fiery wrath of the Camp Fire fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs.  By noon on November 8, photos of the inferno were already trending on social media as the fire began to grow out of control.

Those photos and videos were followed with stories of evacuations and loss of hope, on the news that night.  It would be 29 days until the fire reached 100% containment, burning through Thanksgiving and through thousands of structures and homes ahead of the holidays.  

The photos and videos of the monstrous, wind-fueled flames made their way to Stockton in addition to the smoke.  People on the campus of Lincoln High School took note of the smoke and listened to the heartbreaking stories of people losing everything.  

On December 3, an idea by Lincoln’s ASB came to fruition.  ASB members went class to class with a paper bag and a piece of paper.  The two went together encouraging students to donate. The items being sought include mini toiletries and new pairs of socks.

“I hope that the items donated by our students will provide for families in need.” Said Lincoln High School principal Lori Green, “I also hope the receipt of our donations will let the victims of the fire know that Lincoln High School is sending them good vibes and support as well as socks and toiletries”

The final date to donate is December 14.  A school goal has been set for 3,000 items.  If that amount is reached, principal Lori Green has vowed to allow students to dunk her, as well as other staff/admin members, in a dunk tank.

The opportunity to donate is one that would not only make students feel good but would help people who have nothing left.  Going into the holiday season, many children in Butte County north of Stockton will not be receiving gifts, but through your help, they can at least receive the bare minimum to re-start their lives.

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Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-chief

Gabriel Porras is the editor-in-chief of The Lincolnian. Porras, class of 2020, has been with the paper for two years. During his freshman year, he...

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Our View: A chance to give back