Cancellation of salute, green, red flags raise issues for some students

Michael Spessard, Staff Writer

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Recently, Lincoln High school administration has decided to remove the flag salute from the announcements. This comes after many students were not participating and were talking through the announcements and the flag salute.

The new announcements feature questions about the country, and the next day the answer will be revealed, many students feel that they can’t even hear the announcements in their classrooms, so the changes don’t really affect them.

“I think it’s important, but during class time we have more important matters and things to do,” said Rebekah Koch, senior.

Many students also feel that this time can be used to catch on missing or late work for the class you are in and can be valuable time to study for a test that you have coming up.

“All the changes this year haven’t helped,” said Ariana Gibson, senior. “They should bring green and red flag back because it helps students have pride in their school and how clean it is.”

Many students were upset when green and red flag were taken away earlier this year. Every day, students are let out at 11:20 a.m. This is another change, like taking away the flag salute, that could anger students. With the flag salute, there are students who feel it is a service to military members in the country.

This change has already started and can be heard in the daily announcements during 4th period.