Tokay varsity wrestlers edge Trojans 34-33

Alana Luman, Staff writer

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Alana Luman

The second meet of this year for the wrestlers of Lincoln High was on Senior Night, held Thursday at the main gym. This time ‘round was a dual meet. The best of each of weight class compete the other teams best of that weight class.

Many of the matches were close in points and skill. Only deciphered by a point or two, maybe even a sneaky and well planned, pin. The Tokay Tigers varsity squad edged the Trojans 34-33.

Elysia Urrea, one of the girls’ team captains, judo and jiu-jitsu competitor, helped coach her teammates on the side lines. Her teammates help by training alongside her, “the different body types help [her] with diverse moves.” It is a great environment for all the girls.

Urrea loves competing, she finds enjoyment in “not knowing what the outcome is, [she] can totally go out there and get [her] butt kicked” or totally thrash her opponent.

Marissa Jaime is a new to the wrestling team and has “felt more prepared than [she has] the last few weeks”. Martial arts are hard to get used to, especially since each uses different muscle and technique.

Jaime has found “practice very hard,” but the “conditioning helps with all the wrestling all around”. Practice makes perfect! If you don’t keep training, you won’t get anywhere. Training outside of main practice also helps, like training with a friend outside the gym.

Jaime occasionally goes over new moves and techniques with a friend. One on one practice will fire you up and you can really get some good advice.

“My opponents are good. They all seem to have experience with good technique. I feel the situation was tough to get out of, but training harder is the only way to improve,” said Jaime.