The new House deal

Rhett Acosta, Staff writer

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In November, the Democrats took over the majority in The House of Representatives. It has been eight years since the Democrats held the majority in the house.

Since Donald J. Trump won in 2016, the Democrats have been looking for a win. This was a big advance for the party, taking 40 seats, with 235 seats now blue. However, the Dems lost seats in the Senate.

This shows a shift in American politics. The House is representing urban areas, which tend to have more liberal voters. The Senate however represents rural America which tends to have more conservative voters. This trend, if it continues, will lead to long term gridlock is partisan politics and party loyalty will drown out public service.

With the House now blue, the Dems now have subpoena power. This gives them the opportunity to investigate the president on a range of issues. From his tax returns, ties with Russia, obstruction of justice, or launch investigations into his cabinet members or close advisors.

Before the Democrats is a tightrope walk. Often times when a new alligation comes out against the president, his reelection campaign sends out donation requests. They claim that the president is under attack. So far the president has raised around $100 million dollars in his reelection efforts.

However the Democrats intend on investigating the president on a range of issues. They plan on reviewing his tax returns, and how his hotel in  Washington D.C. is benefiting off of his role as president. They would like to review the notes, call logs, and transcripts between the president and Russian President Vladimir V. Putin, they have even spoken of having the translator who sat in on meetings come to congress and give her account. They want to review his ties with Michael Cohen, who formerly worked as Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer. Cohen has claimed that he has lied under oath under instruction of the president.

Additionally Mr. Trump has been accused of not only conspiracy to collude, but that Trump is working for a foreign nation. This claim is serious and deeply concerning and seems to find support in the warm, yet private friendship Trump and Putin seem to have. The FBI opened an investigation into Trump after his interview with Lester Holt. In the interview, Trump said that he fired then FBI Director James B. Comey to ease and slow down the Russia Investigation, led by Special Counsel Robert S. Muller.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy A. Pelosi must now handle the progressive Democrats eager to investigate the president and his administration, as well as manage Mr. Trump  and all the legislation and other challenges that come with him. One thing is clear, gridlock and party politics will be an active member in Washington D.C..