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The Lincolnian

2018-2019 Staff

Photo by Joel Perry (@eyereeimages)

Alana Luman

Alana Luman is the Editor-in-Chief for The Lincolnian. The year 2021-22 is Alana’s fourth and final year in the journalism program. Alana serves as the new Editor-in-Chief, being the successor to Gabriel Porras. When she’s not...

Jolena Velasquez

Jolena Velasquez is a staff writer for The Lincolnian, class of 2019, Jolena has been writing for the The Lincolnian for two years, preferably sports stories.  Outside of writing for The Lincolnian, Jolena is very involved in...

Jason Byers

Jason Byers is a writer at The Lincolnian and loves books.  He spends most of his spare time playing video games and playing with his two dogs.  He enjoys the outdoors as well as spending quality time with friends and fa...

Makiyla Taylor

Makiyla Taylor, a part of class of 2020,  is a writer for The Lincolnian. She primarily covers stories that emphasizes on the opinion and entertainment aspects of the paper. Makiyla aspires to study psychology and write boo...

Rhett Acosta

Rhett Acosta is the administration reporter for the Lincolnian Newspaper. Rhett, a senior at Lincoln High, is in his first year with the paper. Rhett enjoys working with the teachers and staff on campus to cover the issues ...

Gabriel Porras

Gabriel Porras is the editor-in-chief of The Lincolnian. Porras, class of 2020, has been with the paper for two years. During his freshman year, he served as a reporter. After a one year break, he returned this year as a juni...

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