Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a winner.

The continual spread of misinformation threatens the survival of our democracy.

Madison White, News Editor

Although the 2020 Presidential Election was over two months ago, it continues to be a prominent news topic. Lawsuits and recounts appear to be never ending, but the results show Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

This year we saw one of the largest voter turnouts in American history. Lots of citizens voted by mail and counting these votes is difficult; especially in the midst of a pandemic. It takes time to count every vote, and that is what the election workers have done. To date there has been no sufficient evidence of fraud, only false facts, conspiracy theories, and baseless claims of a stolen election.

President Trump and his legal team filed suits in numerous battleground states including Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The majority of claims have been denied by the courts due to a lack of evidence. Yet, the Trump campaign continues to bring cases to court that yield no new decisions, costing tens of millions of dollars to his administration. Even William Barr, Trump’s attorney general and close ally, stated that, “We have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome of the election.” Barr has since resigned from his position. In addition, the Electoral College recently made Biden’s win official. The President is losing the election repeatedly with each new lawsuit.

The transitional meetings that usually take place between a current President and a President Elect have been pushed back because Trump refuses to concede. Typically, the President and his administration are supportive, wanting the smoothest transition possible for the sake of the nation. For example, Biden and his team should have been spending more time with officials regarding the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure that the roll out was seamless. National security briefings are also important for the safety of Americans. Our president was reluctant in participating in any sort of transitional meeting, hindering the organization and intelligence of the incoming Biden administration.

American democracy is suffering. The future of our country is unknown. All because of the inconsiderate, irresponsible decisions that President Trump has been making since the very beginning of his term. The people have spoken. Our votes do count. We have our winners, and they are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.