Is it possible to relax during a global pandemic?

How I was able to keep my mind off of our current health crisis.


Photo courtesy of Alana Luman

An inspired afternoon run concludes with a glorious sunset.

Alana Luman, Editor-in-Chief

Before starting up my junior year of high school via Google Meets and Zoom like many of my peers, I could be seen on the daily in the back of my mother’s truck soaking up the rays of warm sunlight with a can of Sierra Mist in my hand. Every scorching day that summer I wished I was in a swimming pool, rather than creating my own pool by sweating. It was a miracle if a breeze blew from over the levee. Many would think I was relaxed, though the quarantine has taken its toll on me and my mental health. Being a social butterfly, I realized how much I missed seeing my friends on a day-to-day basis, however, I found different ways to keep myself going.

When I found the motivation, I would hop on the treadmill and do half an hour worth of jogging, although I would find myself soon sprawled back out on the couch when heat exhaustion got to me. Heat exhaustion seriously is not a joke. We all need to stay hydrated when exercising. As an athlete who’s next season could possibly be jeopardized due to those individuals NOT abiding by rules set by the CDC, I made sure to safely stay on top of my game.

Although I was not able to go on the hikes that I had dreamed of during the 2019 winter, I was able to entertain myself by riding my bike, fishing, sunbathing, and exercising. Though during the Summer of 2020, I went through two fans trying to keep cool.

Come winter of 2020, I spent my winter break in bed up until the holidays. I was saddened when I realized that I would not be able to see my family on Christmas and New Year’s like I had the year before. I was, however, grateful I was able to set something up with my significant other. Never fear, both of us did a self-screen test to assure we would not be compromising our health to any COVID germs.

Quarantining has made me realize how much I took my social life for granted. Before the global pandemic took hold of our lives, I became hot and cold with my hobbies and friends. Now, I wish I hadn’t behaved that way. Now, I have actually become a mild germaphobe and cringe when I watch movies from the pre-COVID days. Sometimes, I think to myself, “Where are their masks! Why are they standing so close!” Most importantly, I do miss seeing my friends, and wish I could pursue my hobbies again. I keep a realistic and positive attitude. I see the rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations and know that my patience will be rewarded very soon. When life does get back to its new normal, I have promised myself to enjoy my friends and hobbies to their fullest, and not take anything for granted ever again.