The G.O.A.T vs. The Baby G.O.A.T

Age and experience dominated Super Bowl LV, as Tom Brady is crowned for the 7th time

Syier Scott, Staff Writer

The NFL and its fans could not have asked for a more perfect match up to end this pandemic filled season. Super Bowl LV featured the return of Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs trying to win back-to-back titles. The opponent for Andy Reid’s Chiefs was none other than Tom Brady, who at the age of 43, entered the game as the oldest QB to start a Super Bowl. Tom Brady left the game as the oldest winning QB as his Bucs won their home Super Bowl game 31-9.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers first faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 29 th and the Chiefs left Raymond James Stadium that day with a 27-24 victory as Mahomes threw for 462 yards (37 for 49) that day. Well, it shouldn’t surprise us that Tom Brady arrived back inside his home stadium (the first time a home team played in its own stadium in NFL history) 10 weeks later riding on a seven game winning streak. The Bucs were a Wild Card selection and came into the Super Bowl by defeating Washington, New Orleans and Green Bay all on the road.

This was the most hyped game of the year, with the two biggest names in football, and the game was expected to be a high scoring offensive battle that came down to the wire. Sadly, this is not how this game would play out. This Super Bowl game started off with a pretty good offensive drive by the Chiefs, but the Bucs would not allow the touchdown. Kansas City kicked a field goal to go up 3-0 and it should have been an omen for the rest of the game. The Buc’s defense would surprise most of the United States by stopping the powerful Chiefs offense that had averaged 30 points per game.

The Buccaneers defensive line was manhandling the entire Chiefs offensive line for the entire game. This would create a lot of work for Patrick Mahomes in order for him to complete a simple pass. It sometimes seemed as if the Chiefs offensive line was terrified of the Buc’s powerful defensive line. They would continuously miss blocking assignments and cause Patrick Mahomes to have to scramble and try to make a big play from nothing. There were few occasions where Mahomes would have at least three seconds to throw the ball to a receiver which would make it incredibly difficult for the Chiefs to score points. In fact, they would not score the entire game. Not a single Chiefs offensive player would cross the end zone with the ball in his hand.

The most reliable player on the Chiefs that day when it came to scoring was the kicker, Harrison Butker. This realization irked many oddsmakers because the over/under in this game was 55.5 points. The Buccaneers, on the other hand, seemed like everything was going their way on offense. Brady was 21 for 29 passing (72%) the football for 195 yards and two touchdowns. Both TD’s were thrown to Rob Gronkowski and the dynamic duo now have a Super Bowl record of 14 combined touchdowns. There would also be many flags thrown and a 90 yard differential in penalties by the first half in favor of Tampa Bay. Since Brady is often referred to as the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time), he wanted to prove that this statement was true. He wanted to show everyone that he truly is the G.O.A.T by having an amazing performance in the Super Bowl. The victory has left Brady with the most Super Bowl wins (7), the most appearances (10), the most MVP’s (5), the most touchdowns (21) and the most passing yards (3,039). These are all records that should stand the course of time. The Buc’s spent their time of offense scoring touchdowns while the Chiefs were only kicking field goals. The game would no longer be a contest after halftime (Buc’s up 14-6) and many fans (22,000 real fans and 30,000 cardboard cut- outs) on both sides of the field were unhappy with the turnout of the game and how boring it became.

This game was very hyped up and it became very apparent by the start of the 4th quarter that Tampa Bay would be the champion. Brady did this with a new team after spending the last 20 seasons in New England with Bill Belichick, where he captured his first six Super Bowl rings. Brady went to a team that hadn’t been in the playoffs since the 2007 season. Brady brought Tampa Bay its second Super bowl title during a pandemic! He didn’t meet his new teammates until July 29, 2020 and somehow Brady still was able to build quality relationships and lines of communication with all of his teammates. If this one season has not clearly defined Brady as the G.O.A.T, then there really is nothing else left for Brady to do.