Please Stand for Our Nation

Where is the reverence for our nation’s flag and what it represents?

Please Stand for Our Nation

Tiffany Thompson, Staff Writer

STOCKTON: It seems like such a small part of our day, but truthfully it should be one of the most important. I am directly referring to our schools responsibility to properly read and require our students to stand during the reading our nations Pledge of Allegiance each day. Lincoln High School traditionally uses the beginning of 4th period to deliver student announcements and deliver the Pledge of Allegiance. One of the social norms that the pandemic has stripped away from our daily routine at school is the requirement to stand during the reading of the Pledge of Allegiance. We stand for this reading to acknowledge the sacrifice for all of those Americans who have bravely given their lives, so that we can go to school in a free and democratic society. To sit during this presentation, or even worse not have the reading of the pledge at all is a “slap” at the responsibility we face as a school to teach patriotism. We have been standing to celebrate our flag with the Pledge of Allegiance since July 4, 1774! We must keep educating future generations to remember the sacrifices that came before them. I am so frustrated with so many of my classmates that sit during the Pledge of Allegiance that I had to ask them directly as to why?

“I sit because everything stated in the Pledge of Allegiance goes against my moral beliefs as an American citizen. I am a junior in high school and I think this country could be doing more for the greater good. I sit in protest of everything they (the government) could be doing, but they do not do.”
-Jupiter Lee (Class of 2023)

“When I was little I used to stand up because I felt like we are all united, but after an accident that happened when my dad had got deported, it really changed my mind set on things. It showed me that our country does not really care for us as much as they think they do; especially for people of color. I do not want to stand when they say with ‘justice and liberty for all’. The majority of us don’t see that (justice) or receive the same attention as other people.”
-Elixabeth Coss-Garcia (Class of 2023)

“I sit because I do not think it (the pledge) is taken very seriously during the announcements.”
-Zeek Whales (Class of 2023)

During the first week of January, I collected the following data in my five junior classes to count how many people stand and how many people sit during the Pledge of Allegiance. The data collected inside this pie chart shows that only 35% of students stand while the other 65% sit. What is this showing our future generations? This statistical information is very embarrassing not just to our school, but our country. What would the soldiers who fought and died for this country say if they saw these statistics? I am afraid to know the answer. Standing for the Pledge of Allegiance is a respectful act that shows you understand where today’s freedoms truly came from and that you are humbled by the ultimate sacrifice of losing one’s life for country.