What are the best Girl Scout cookies?

The Girl Scout cookie season just ended and where exactly does all of that cookie money go?

Dustin Ryza, Staff Writer

STOCKTON: Girl Scout cookies have been sold in America since 1917, but they weren’t always sold in front of shopping malls, churches, or grocery stores like they are today. The tradition of selling Girl Scout cookies began in Oklahoma with the Mistletoe Troop selling their fare at Muskogee High School in December of 1917. These first variations of cookies sold for 23 cents and featured 44 cookies inside each box!

Sadly, inflation has even reached the Girl Scouts as cookies this year sold for $7.00 per box. The selling season opened on February 1 st and ran until March 31 st . As my family and I get ready for spring break, our home that once had 15 boxes is now down to its final box. My family lives for the following flavors; Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Lemonades, and Thin Mints. Yes, there are 12 different flavors to choose from, but these aforementioned flavors are absolutely delicious!

An interesting question that not many people think about is where does all the money made from these cookie sales actually go? To put it simply, the money from these cookies goes right back into the Girl Scout program helping fund the national program, the outdoor activities, the travel, and community projects the Girl Scout program gets involved in.

Over the years, the Girl Scouts have discovered that their marketing plan of limiting the availability of their cookies has actually led to more sales. Purchasing from young, motivated women definitely pulls on the heart strings as well. The fact that there are only 59 selling days to acquire these delicious morsels makes each purchase that more special. Girl Scout cookies are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of Spring!