School of Art

Lincoln High Schools art classes provide students with chances to improve and display their artistic uniqueness.


One of the many pieces displayed at Lincoln’s Winter AP Art show. Lor, Kallisto “To Feed”

STOCKTON: With the AP Art Gallery exhibition recently held, you may have wondered where all the different art work comes from? All the pieces were drawn and painted by Lincoln High School’s AP Art class, which is filled with students who have an excellent background in art. If you’re new to Lincoln High School, you may be curious as to how your own art can be displayed in the art gallery. The first step is to join Art 1. Art 1 is a beginner class where anyone interested in learning about art can join, this includes lower and upper classmen. Art 1 introduces students to different art styles such as perspective, line, and self portraits. Art 1, as listed in the course catalog, states that the course will “secure student’s basic skills in line, form, value and texture” After completing Art 1, Art 2 is available to take  the next year. Art 2 builds skills from the previous year and dives deeper into art, Art 3 focuses heavily on making and having one’s own art style. However, Art 3 is optional and if you are confident in your art skills, AP Art is also available. AP Studio Art is a college level art course where students work throughout the year on a portfolio full of art in their own style. Students in AP Studio Art are able to display their art in art shows and get recognition for their work. If all of that seems interesting to you, I strongly recommend joining Lincoln High School’s art classes and spreading your artistic uniqueness across campus!