College Acceptances


Hazel Ann Vilda

STOCKTON: High school seniors are in their prime as they are applying to colleges and universities outside of California. All the stress and countless nights of not getting any sleep will all be worth it when clicking that “submit” button. Now all we have to do is wait.  The waiting game is truly one of the worst games to play when waiting for college acceptances and, let’s face reality, the possible rejection letters.  I asked 25 Lincoln High School seniors where they would be attending college, and three out of five of them said that they were going to stay in California while the other two wanted to go out of state to explore their options without having their parents so close to them.  Some seniors want to grow on their own and without parents hovering over their head.

The seniors who wanted to stay in California mentioned that they tend to get homesick and want to stay close so that it’s only a drive away from home.  Others are moving for the once in a lifetime opportunities like being recruited by coaches in different states or the chance to pursue their dream job. When asked about college inspirations, many seniors expressed,  “I want to further my education so I can have a better future for myself.” Some students explained in detail that they are the first generation attending college and that they’re going to prove that education is very important growing up and how much they can impact the world.

 Ultimately, all students interviewed  said something similar to, “college will be worth it because I can prove to myself that I am capable of achieving what I dreamt I would be when I got older.” While many seniors eagerly await their acceptance letters, they will have to wait a bit longer! May, 2023 is the Decision Day deadlines for deciding which college to attend, and the Lincolnian plans to follow some seniors on their road to college!