Club Awareness: BSU

A spotlight is being shown on Lincoln High School’s BSU


STOCKTON: The Black Student Union is one of the many clubs at Lincoln High School. B.S.U is known for being an outlet for African American students to explore their roots and learn about their history in order to improve their future. The club’s purpose is to advance shared interests and conduct cultural and educational activities that cater to the requirements of the African American student body. 

In 1966, San Francisco State University became the home of the first Black Student Union. The establishment of black student unions in other schools around the country followed shortly after. The Black Campus Movement, which occurred between 1965 and 1972, served as the foundation for the creation of black student unions. Many students claim that becoming active in clubs and organizations for students provides a feeling of direction. Additionally, they get to network and develop crucial leadership abilities ( These groups can also help students succeed academically and establish their identities. Saniah Nunn, dance choreographer of Lincoln High School’s BSU, believes “black students don’t have enough information about black history and education opportunities” (Nunn).

 African American students should be aware of the benefits they get for attending a HBCU (Historically black colleges and universities) college. Alexis Farris, President of the BSU says “We (BSU) encourage and foster leadership among our youth to better the community at LHS” (Farris). She also said that the club is open to all students, not just African Americans. “Being the president of BSU has opened many leadership opportunities for me. It’s also given me the chance to work with the Black Students of California United on a state level” (Farris). These clubs are crucial because black student unions have the power to keep transforming higher education. BSU plans to keep thriving here at LHS, while having an open door and accepting all races of students.