Winter Formal Recap


On December 10th, 2022 Lincoln High School had its annual Winter Formal, which for many students is an earned privilege. The formal has always been an event to look forward to during the winter season and this years formal was definitely an event to be remembered!


Weeks before the dance plans had been made we got an inside look of the excitement leading up to the event. Senior student Kayla Hutton explained her expectations for that night, “I’m gonna go with my friends. Before [the formal] I plan to take pictures around the UOP area, and then we’re gonna go to the dance. Then after that go get food.” This process seemed to be  the same for many students like sophomore, Liyah Moncevais, who mentioned her plan was to, “go with my friend, and before, me and my two friends are gonna go to eat.” Others had no plans prior to the dance, many students planned on attending the dance first then figuring it out from there. In preparation for the event, students chose their formal attire. With the theme of this year’s formal being Winter Wonderland, a number of students had picked clothes with some touches of white and blue. Students also got their groups of friends and dates together. The days leading up to the dance had students buzzing with excitement.  


Outside of the doors of the formal, held in UOP’s DeRosa Center,  students were welcomed by fellow peers and staff. After students went through being breathalyzed at the door they were met with bright lights and an open dance floor. The room was lit with colorful lights spreading from the DJ’s booth to  tables that were set up so students could sit and socialize. Within the walls of the room, Winter decorations were hung to make this year’s theme come to life. Long tables were set up with water, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies for all students to enjoy. Early in the night, students had the opportunity to make memories by taking pictures in a sectioned photobooth, where students were able to use props and take home the photos they took. The dance truly became lively as the students entered the dance floor, and songs played throughout the night which kept students’ spirits up. Many had danced all night long despite the dance floor being crowded. Even students who had never met previously danced and enjoyed their time together! Towards the end of night, shoes were taken off while the dance floor remained full of students enjoying their night.                                                       


The result of the formal was very positive, and many students enjoyed themselves at the dance. The night was filled with loud and fun music, students were able to laugh and dance with their friends/peers, and many students left with lasting memories from the night! Definitely a night to remember!