Against Biden’s Loan Forgiveness Plan

Tiffany Thompson, Staff Writer

Would it be nice to have your loan debt forgiven? You take a loan out in order to pay for your college education, and you sign the papers promising that money will be given back over time. Now you’re in so much debt and want an easy way out, so you apply for Biden’s Loan Forgiveness Plan and $10,000 is taken out of your debt. Free money would intrigue anyone; however, Biden’s Forgiveness Plan is not for everyone, nor is it in the best interest of the economy or the U.S. Constitution.   

This could be an abuse of executive power. The executive branch can postpone and delay, but does not have the power to create a forgiveness plan. As a result this has to be an act of Congress. On November 10, 2022 Texas District Judge Mark T. Pitman ruled that Biden’s forgiveness plan was unconstitutional. An article written by, explains how serious of a constitutional issue this is. “The constitutional issue is straightforward: The Constitution gives the power of the purse to Congress, but in declaring that it would forgive up to $20,000 in loans for households making below $250,000 a year, the Biden administration essentially created about $400 billion in new spending,’ McCluskey wrote late last month ”$400 billion dollars! Inflation is already a problem, by taking $400 billion dollars out of taxpayers money, not only will it not help inflation, but make it even worse. The $400 billion dollars will come out of our pockets into someone else’s, meaning more money in circulation, causing inflation to become an even bigger problem than it is now. When citizens have more money to spend, the price of the dollar will decrease making products increase in cost. 

Not only is it unfair to diverse income families, but unfair to those who avoided education debt or people who repaired their debt beforehand. This plan fails to consider what will happen to college tuition and the already broken higher-education system. All it is, is a temporary solution for a certain group of people. It is unfair, unconstitutional, and an abuse of power, therefore, the Biden Loan Forgiveness Plan is an unnecessary system that will not benefit anyone.