It starts with us but ends with me

It starts with us but ends with me

Michael Arteago

Thump, thump

That’s the sound of my heart, beating for you

And everything you do

When I’m around you it feels like a chemical reaction

Were just chemicals that mix

What can I say when we met each other

We just instantly clicked

What’s crazy is we just met were new

But I just love every single thing about you

When you’re not here I miss you

I just want to hug you, hold you, and kiss you

You’re my every thought when I wake up and go to bed 

You’re always one text away but I wish it wasn’t that way

I want you to be able to lying next to me every hour of every day

I love you it’s true nothing will ever be able to change how I feel about you


I know perfection isn’t real but if it was it’d be you

You’re perfect just the way you are

Your walk, the way you talk, and just everything you do

Nothing will be able to match how I feel about you

Suddenly all my thoughts are about you they’re stuck in my head like glue

Everytime I sleep or wake up 24/7 all of them are about you

I’ve always chased perfection, other people have told me that too

What I didn’t think was that chasing perfection would end up to me chasing you

“I’m breaking up with you”

nothing worse than those words

not monsters, zombies, ghosts 

just the bad thing was 

I was hearing those words from you

I never thought I’d hear that from anyone

especially you

“I’m breaking up with you”

after you said that I was stuck, frozen

didn’t know what to do

all the thoughts in my mind were racing

they were all running around like a zoo

I’ve just been sitting in my room

eating ice cream and all I can do is think about you

you’re still on my mind even after it’s over it’s true

I just wish you gave me a reason 

or something I could believe 

I thought we were meant to be

it felt like fate twisted us together but

that was before you untangled it

right now all I can think about is how 

I can live with the fact of 

just being friends with you


I didn’t like you because of the way that you looked 

I liked you because the way you looked at me 

I didn’t love you because you had a lot of money 

I loved you because you weren’t chained down 

You were like a dove independent and free 

I didn’t want you because you didn’t know who you wanted to be I wanted you because you loved me 

Notice how i’m speaking in the past tense, 

so yes it’s over it is true and while some 

things may change the one thing that won’t change is how I feel about you 

you’re gone now we have drifted apart but maybe it’s for the better

I couldn’t handle just being friends 

It will feel like i got stabbed in the heart

It’ll be a constant pain lasting forever 

We don’t talk anymore

You don’t know me and I don’t know you

Were strangers in each others lives again it’s true

And to think not that long ago all I wanted was you

I see and hear things that remind me of you but I wish they didn’t

I loved you for all the right reasons but it was hard

Accepting the fact that you didn’t love me anymore

Not even a little bit

Not even at all

I see you in the hallways sometimes

But I wish that I didn’t have too

I miss you I hate you but not that long ago all I did was want to kiss you

You linger in my mind more than you should

You never gave me a reason why you ended it but you didn’t have too

I see you with her and I think ”that could’ve been us” 

It would’ve been too good to be true

I know reflecting on the past isn’t good that’s true but

I didn’t think right now at this point in my life that when i left the past behind

It would end up meaning that i would have to leave you behind too

I have to move on with my life because you ruined it for a while and

Made all my thoughts about you

I can’t even say your name anymore and hearing it is just as worse

So for now or forever

Goodbye stranger 

It started with us but ended with me