Love Is…

Love Is…

Trevon Watts

Love is a force that knows no bounds, 

A flame that burns, a heart that pounds.

It lifts us up to amazing heights, 

And fills our days with pure delight.


Love is a gift that we give and receive, 

A bond that lasts beyond belief.

It brings us hope and peace of mind, 

And makes you feel so sweet inside. 


Love is a journey that we undertake,

A path we walk for our own sake.

It leads us through our darkest nights, 

And guides us to a place of light.


Love is a mystery we cannot solve,

A problem we can never resolve.

It’s something that we feel within, 

or a precious object that we defend.


So cherish love with all your heart, 

And never let it fall apart. 

For love is the greatest gift of all,

And in its embrace, we cannot fall.