Get to Know Ms. Yeager 


Miss Yeager with Mayor Lincoln when he came to the Journalism class.

Students spend years with their teachers but don’t always stop and get to know their teachers.  My goal is to give some insight about a great new teacher at Lincoln High in hopes that students are able to appreciate not just her but other teachers and administrators around campus! 

“My goal as a teacher is to create effective and challenging work for my students to help push them, and learn and prepare them for the next years of highschool.”  Ms. Yeager is this year’s new Journalism and English 10 teacher at Lincoln High School and so far has made a great impression on her students.  A teacher’s job is not only to help teach us information but also to support students throughout the year as students grow. That’s exactly what Ms. Yeager does!  A junior student Gianna Thornton excitedly mentioned “ she’s always nice, she’s never in a bad mood, and you can trust her.”  Gianna also shared that Ms. Yeager is willing to go out of her way to help edit her papers even though the assignments are not specific to her class. 

After speaking to Ms. Yeager myself I was able to see how great she is.  It’s extremely important who teaches in the classrooms at LHS to the students because teachers are the adults that  guide us and help to give advice to students as we grow.  Ms. Yeager understands that students are individuals who are growing and learning and have multiple responsibilities outside of school. She does not hold these duties against her students. She knows it’s important to not take certain things personally because it’s unfair to students who have other things happening in their life.  Ms. Yeager recognizes the fact that students are still human and that they still need to be appreciated for their efforts.  In fact, when asked about what she thinks is most important within the classroom, she said, “respect.”  She believes that respect should be mutual between both the student and teacher, and this helps build trust and help everyone to be motivated to work together.  Although being new to the school, she stated “ I really like Lincoln. It’s a really cool school to teach at. The students are awesome, and I have a lot of support within the school.”  If you have room in your schedule next year and love to write, you should consider joining her Journalism class!   As the year concludes and a new one begins, I hope that more students realize how amazing a teacher Ms. Yeager truly is!