Journalism Senior Spotlight

Saying goodbye to some of our Senior Journalists.


As senior year comes to an end, the Class of 2023 gets ready to put on their caps and gowns and start graduation practice. Before we start talking about that, let’s give 5 seniors in our very own Journalism class a spotlight of what they plan on doing in life after highschool. Lanna Ortiz, who has chosen to take the Delta College route and plans on getting their Associates degree in clinical psychology while still working a current job! Lanna chose this path so she could help people and give people tools and keys to help people with traumatic events they have gone through. Advice that she’s giving lower classmen is to, “Make sure you’re keeping up with your grade and make sure to keep doing a good job so that you won’t be as stressed and that if you do your work, you won’t need to be in credit recovery during senior year.”

Alex Topete has chosen to attend Delta College as well to pursue a job that has to do with anatomy and physiology.  He plans to use the next two years for his general education and he intends to transfer to a university right after.  He doesn’t yet know what he wants to do but he does know that he wants to go into that field.  Advice that he has for lower classmen is to “do your work, stop focusing on things that don’t matter as much, make sure not to lose yourself in your highschool career and to stay true to yourself and to also make friends”.

Nicholas Tejeda-LuisJuan is thinking about going into carpentry, and is likely going to a trade school and getting a job in the meantime! Nicholas loves to make stuff which is why he chose that specific career path. Advice that he gives lower classmen is to stay on task and make sure not to fall behind!

Kayla Hutton is planning to attend Humphrey’s University where she wants to major in Liberal Arts with the goal of working as a sports reporter.  She chose this path because she loves sports. Her advice to lower classmen is to do your work, get good grades and take dual enrollment at Delta College!


Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Lincolnian staff, we will miss you as part of our team!