Why, When, and Love


Why does everyone have their own definition of love but when everyone describes their love it is the same nowadays love just feels like we’re pieces on a chessboard and it’s a game

Why doesn’t everyone fall in love, do they not understand how sweet it feels to be loved

Why do people fall out of love are they even in love to begin with, because I know that I can’t fall out of love with you, I love you too much to do anything bad to you

Why is there so many things that people can control but they just don’t, they only do the bare minimum to keep something staying up afloat 

Why am I so in love with you you’re constantly in my mind, I may be the clock but you control the time

Why do I love everything about you for some reason I am just so utterly obsessed with you

Why do I love everything that you do for some reason I fall in love with everything you do

Why do I care about you so much, I worry for you like I do no other because nobody else can make me feel this way that you do 

Why do you always take up my mind it makes me think about this love that I have for you and how it is so deserving; kind

Why are you all I can think about, you said my poems don’t have to rhyme which is true but I just feel like when I rhyme it’s easier to express this love that I have for you

When can’t I love you I don’t think that i’ll be able to answer that 

“When will we be over” there are so many of these questions but there is also so many days and some of them might feel like you’re in a haze but I want to be with you for the rest of my days no matter how long that is

When did I know that you’re the one, I knew already before because I didn’t want to be with you just for fun, everyday that I have been with you I’ve felt alive, if I’m with you that’s when I know that I can thrive

When i’m writing right now I’m just trying to rhyme my words but what I say is true when I’m not with you it hurts, you may ask me all these questions that i might not have the answer to but all my questions get answered when I’m with you, everything becomes clear 

Love is tricky but love is very true I know that I share all the love that’s in my heart with you

love is all around us 

love is in me and you

but can I really say that

even if I don’t know it’s true

I mean, everyone has their own

definition of love

but do i really love you

if so when or how do I know 

plus when will I be able to tell you

you could say ”I love you” but will

it really be true, how can I

believe in what you say after

everything that happened between me and you

love is all around us that’s true 

but do have any love for me

like I do for you

you say you don’t like sad endings, but how do you know that we won’t have a sad ending too, because the truth is I can’t see myself not loving you