Tips for the Upcoming School Year: 


As the school year comes to an end, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from both inside and outside of the classroom for the upcoming school year: 


  • It is easy to get distracted with other things that take away from school time and fall behind. To avoid this, finish any and all work as you receive it, don’t let it pile up until the point you’re doing it all in one day. 
  • Studying is important for any class. Actually take the time to sit there with no distractions and try to understand what it is you’re reading/doing. 

⤷ Study tip: Put your phone on DND and for an hour study, take notes, practice, so you make that step to better understand your                          work. 

  • Have your priorities straight! School and your grades are more important than you may think. 
  • Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Chances are they’re just as nervous as you but it’s all in your head.
  • Skipping class once leads to skipping class multiple times. Just don’t do it. 
  • It’s easy to fall into the wrong crowds, Make the right moves and know who you hang out with. 
  • You won’t maintain the same friends all throughout high school. People change and that’s okay. 
  • To maintain good grades, stay on top of your stuff from the beginning of the semester and don’t procrastinate.