Lincoln High’s Lunch Workers

Getting to know the helping hands that keep us fed!


Over the past two weeks your local Lincolnian paper writers have been interviewing our lunch crew about their day to day lives working at Lincoln High School to prepare our school lunches. As you may know, there are two main places where students can go to receive lunch: one being the Huddle which is located over by the gym and the other is the End Zone located in the middle of our school next to the gazebo. There are also small portable red carts around the school campus students can go to receive a lunch.



Lona Dancer is one of the longest lunch assistants we have had on this campus, she has been with Lincoln Unified District for 15 years! Her favorite part of the job is feeding the children and making sure they get a nutritious and healthy meal for the day. She loves it when kids come in and get their food and have a smile on their face. Lona enjoys the opportunity to make them smile. Ms. Dancer gets to be a small part of a student’s day, and  over time she makes connections with some of them.

Debra Neadows has been with Lincoln Unified for about 6 years. She loves working with the kids and working the window. Neadows says all of the food is prepared the day before it’s served and if the food needs to be wrapped, it gets done the day prior. Each food item is distributed and is counted and marked down until the end of the day in an effort to keep track of  how many items have been eaten by LHS  students.

Daisy Rodriguez’s favorite part of the job is making sure all the students get a good, nutritious meal that is prepared correctly, has the right amount of food, and is provided in a timely manner for the students. Daisy says, “As a customer I want to be served a safe and healthy meal. Our students deserve the same.” She has been working with Lincoln Unified for about 8 months. Her previous employer was Tracy Unified.



Kim Weathers is the top boss at Lincoln High School! She has been working with Lincoln Unified for 18 years. This school year will be her 19th year working for Lincoln Unified. Weathers completes all of the paperwork, makes sure everything is set up right, and she completes all the meal counts and orders for delivery. Our food is delivered from USDA and our lunch crew prepares it into “ready to eat” meals.

Les Franzi has been working at Lincoln High School for about 6 years. His favorite part of the job is the students and being able to talk to them. His favorite meal that he serves here is the BBQ burger that was served a couple of years ago.

After speaking with the amazing crew that helps to keep the students at Lincoln High School fed, here are a few reminders. 

Please know what you want to eat as well as your lunch numbers before coming up to make things as quick as possible. If you need some help figuring things out then the food service crew members  are more than happy to help! 

We have an absolutely incredible lunch staff at Lincoln High and the Lincolnian staff wants to give a huge “thank you” for all that you do for the staff and students at Lincoln high!