Trojan Sports Talk

Learn about our student-athletes by what they have to say


Alana Luman, Editor-in-Chief

For those lucky Trojan athletes that have been able to start their sport seasons, there is a tremendous amount of gratitude and relief. Trapped inside their homes and glued to their Chrome books, the opening of sports has created a small slice of normalcy. The Lincolnian staff visited our practice fields to find out exactly how our student-athletes were feeling. Here is what they had to say:

“It feels great to be able to compete again because I get to get outside and exercise and be around people and socialize.”
Alleah Flores – Track

“I didn’t realize how much I missed playing until I started playing again. It reminds me of how much happiness I get out of playing tennis and I truly did miss the game a lot.”
Genevieve Davis – Tennis

“Being back in the water and being able to compete, honestly, reminded me of how much I missed racing and the overall team environment you’re in at every practice or meet. It’s been quite a battle because trying to get back into shape and perform, after spending so much time out of the water due to COVID and poor air quality, has made the feeling of a competitive environment so much more meaningful.”
Sydney Spencer – Swim

“Competing has definitely been a struggle but the girls and coaches on my team are always encouraging us to push ourselves and be the best that we can be.”
Jadyn Franzia – Tennis

“ I am actually excited. I love running track , and it’s a way to keep me out of trouble and get my mind off of things . I actually wish the season was longer.”
Neisha Jackson – Track

“It feels great to be able to do what I love again after waiting so long and for us to show how hard we trained while still being safe and following the rules.”
Keith Mertz – Track

“I feel great about competing because it has been such a long time. It’s nice seeing others again and doing the sport I enjoy with a great team.”
Hannah Gaines – Track

“I feels great to be back in the pool. It makes me feel that everything is slowly getting back to normal. It’s nice getting out of the house and seeing my friends again. We are working hard as a team to prepare for our meets because the extended lay off has affected our overall conditioning.”
Max Green – Swim & Water Polo

“It feels amazing to be back out on the track and throwing again. I just need to make sure that I am following the guidelines by keeping my mask on.”
Adam Cearley – Track