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Jaziel Islas, Entertainment Editor

Jaziel Islas is the Entertainment Editor for the Lincoln High School Newspaper. This school year is Jaziel´s last, and it is his second year in the Journalism program,¨I really like this program because it is a place where your thoughts and opinions are heard¨. Jaziel really likes to watch movies, play video games, and spend time with his family. He really likes going to the premiers and opening shows of new movies. Jaziel actually takes time to appreciate the movie´s cinematography, storytelling, and setting. The reason he does this is because he dreams of one day becoming a filmmaker, or an actor.

¨I really hope that one day I will get a career in entertainment. That's why I decided to write for the entertainment department, because I feel like I have a good knowledge of movies. That's the main reason why I enjoy writing articles on movies, tv shows, and video games". Jaziel thanks Lincoln High School for having the Journalism program, because he was finally given the opportunity to write about something he loves.

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Jaziel Islas